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Memory Bears

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The Memory Bear / Keepsake Bear is a perfect way to memorialize a loved one, and or hold onto memories from a favorite time. A wonderful Keepsake Bear made from your loved ones clothing, then turned into a cuddly 18” Memory Bear for you to treasure. Memory Bears make great Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts.

How it works:
* First you place your order for the amount of Memory Bears that you want.
* Upon receiving your order, I will message you my address where to send the articles of clothing
Please note: If your sending small baby clothes (I.e. premie, newborn, 0-3 months), please provide at least 15 articles
of clothing for your Keepsake Bear. Six months or above require at least 6 items for your personalized bear. Cotton or
flannel materials work best for your Memory Bear, I do not recommend silky and quilted items.
* Once I have received your articles of clothing for your Keepsake Bear, I will begin making your Memory Bear.
* Once the Memory Bear is completed I will place it in a protective bag in the shipping box and ship it.

Turn around time for your Personalized Bear is 4 -6 weeks upon receiving your clothing. Your Keepsake Bear is filled with poly-fil. Safety eyes and noses are used for your custom made bear.

Personalization requests:
Please provide any personalization requests in the personalization section. These include location of patches & embroidery, names, specific items used for certain bears, if needed by specific date and etc.

For embroidery options ( I.e. embroidered foot, patch), please provide sayings in the personalization section when placing your order. Currently, not taking embroidery orders at moment my machine is not working.

The Memory Bears pictured are examples from customer orders.

Due to the nature of the product all sales are final.

PLEASE be aware that this is not intended as a toy for small children. Buttons and snaps are part of the construction and can pose a choking hazard.

What Textiles are suitable for memory bears?
Flannel, denim, cotton, military uniforms, work uniforms, baby blankets, quilts, t-shirts and etc.
Examples: Button down shirts, jeans, dresses, skirts (knee length or longer)

What Textiles are not suitable for memory bears?
Some stretchy sweaters or sheer materials will not be suitable for making a stuffed animal, but can be
utilized for a scarf or clothing for your bear.

What can you use to personalize bears?
Jewelry, lace, patches, and other small accessories.

How much fabric is needed to make a memory bear?
Two or more pieces of clothing for each memory bear works the best, but can be made from one shirt.

However, for baby clothes such as sleepers, onesies and gowns, I recommend:
-8 to 9 items of preemie or newborn - One being open bottom (such as a gown) if possible.
-7 to 8 items of 0-3 months
-6 to 7 items of 3-6 months
-5 to 6 items of 6-12 months
-4 to 5 items of toddlers
-Flannel receiving blankets are good to use too. *If making a bear only out of a receiving blanket, it needs
to measure at least 34" x 34".

Shipping the clothing for memory bears.
Upon receiving your Etsy order, I will then send you an Etsy conversation with my address.

What are Memory bears stuffed with?
I stuff my Memory Bears with Poly-fil Premium Fiber fill by Fairchild. The fiber fill is non allergic and washable.