Black & Red Rocco Dress

Front drape of the dress

This dress is inspired by 18th century Rococo dress. I used 3 yards of black stretch satin and 3 yards of red stretch satin both purchased from Joann Fabric.


First I started off with putting on the pannier hoop onto my dress form. After that I sewed together one yard each of the red and black satin. I draped the front and back pieces by pleating the fabric to form the pannier shape. Once I draped the skirt I hand sewed the pleats in place.

After hand sewing the pleats, I then cutout the bodice and sleeves out of the red and black stretch satin.

I sewed together the bodice, then sleeves and a attached the sleeve to the bodice.
Upon completetion of the bodice, I attached to skirt, finished the seams, and hemmed the skirt.

Back draped dress
Finished dress without hoop
Finished Without hoop

Finished Dress with hoop

Finished Dress with hoop


Here’s an example of another dress I did with costuming fabric from Joann, this was done with patternwork instead of draping.



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